Transformational Medication Management Technology

Medication adherence has been the Holy Grail for those engaged in the treatment of patients with complex chronic medical conditions. For the past four years, we've been dedicated to finding a solution that addresses the critical factors necessary to achieve this elusive goal. Introducing Medherent - a patented remote medication management system that actually monitors when a patient takes their medication, alerts caregivers in real time if they haven't, and provides access to the patient's adherence history in real time.

When used in conjunction with Medherent's patented personal medication management device, Medherent's integrated software will;

Automatically prompt users according to their dosing schedule that has been downloaded from the patient's pharmacy record.

Make the patient's medication available when the patient activates the unit within the prescribed dosing time.

Report critical clinical data in real time.

Enable caregivers to intervene promptly when notified in real time that the patient has failed to access their medication.

Track and analyze medication utilization trends.