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An innovation-driven pharmacy

Terrapin is an innovative pharmacy that goes beyond just simply filling prescriptions.

We understand the challenges that patients, providers, and caregivers face that make medication adherence difficult, if not impossible. At Terrapin, we leverage a comprehensive approach that revolves around communication with insurers and providers, care coordination, patient assistance, and proactive inventory management to eliminate many of the barriers that contribute to medication noncompliance.

Our innovative approach helps increase adherence rates while minimizing medication errors.


Same or next day delivery upon prior authorization approval


Management of prescription refill and renewal process


Payment denial appeal assistance


Patient assistance program processing


Clinical management expertise and care coordination


Adherence outreach to patients and caregivers

The inability to correctly take the right medications in the right dosages at the right times often means the loss of independence for capable individuals who could otherwise remain living in place.
Difficulties with medication management lead to nearly 40% of all nursing home admissions.

Multi-Dose Packaging

In 2007, we integrated robotic strip packaging technology into our pharmacy dispensing system, an innovation that has changed the way medications are delivered to and taken by patients. This technology enables us to prepare a continuous roll of sealed packets, each of which contains a patient’s entire regimen of prescribed oral medications for a specific dose time, sorted chronologically by day and time.

Our multi-dose packaging technology greatly simplifies the medication management process for patients and caregivers. Caregivers spend less time managing medications and dealing with errors while patients receive all of their medications in convenient, easy-to-open packets.

photo of multi-dose packaging roll



Eliminates confusion for individuals who take multiple medications


Pre-sorts medications based upon a patient's particular daily dosing schedule


Each packet clearly describes the medications contained within including color, shape, strength, and the number of tablets


Ensures that the patient receives the right medication at the right time in the proper dose every time

photo of multi-dose packet