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Comprehensive remote medication management system

In 2012, we began developing Medherent, a patented remote medication management system. Medherent leverages our extensive experience operating a high-touch pharmacy as well as our nuanced understanding of the challenges that patients, providers, and caregivers face that make medication adherence difficult, if not impossible.

Medherent is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that combines Terrapin’s pharmacy fulfillment process and multi-dose packaging with an in-home dispensing device and care management software to promote adherence among complex, high-risk patients.

The Medherent system prompts patients when to dispense medications from the in-home device, monitors when patients activate the device, alerts caregivers in real time if patients fail to dispense medications so they can intervene immediately, provides access to up-to-date historical adherence data, and maintains current medication lists for patients using the device.

Medherent substantially increases medication adherence rates, which helps improve clinical outcomes and patient wellbeing as well as reduce the cost of care.

Who We Serve

Every year, nonadherence and adverse drug effects leads to nearly 1.3 million emergency room visits in the U.S. alone.
An estimated $200B is spent every year on avoidable hospitalizations due to medication noncompliance, representing roughly 10% of total healthcare expenditures.

Automatically prompts a patient to dispense medications per his up-to-date dosing schedule accessed via digital pharmacy records


Makes the patient's medications available when he activates the dispensing device within the prescribed dosing time


Reports critical clinical adherence data in real time


Notifies caregivers in real time if a patient failed to access his medications, allowing them to intervene immediately


Tracks medication utilization trends


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Behind the scenes, Terrapin Pharmacy provides prescription fulfillment, inventory management, and care coordination services.


Terrapin’s robotic pharmacy system packages oral medication regimens into small, heat-sealed packets that are sorted chronologically by dosing time.


In-home dispensing device prompts patients to take medication while software monitors adherence and provides real-time alerts.


Medherent simplifies medication managment. By using Medherent in-home dispensing devices, patients can easily overcome many of the barriers to medication adherence including confusion over when to take which medications, lost prescriptions, misplaced pills, and forgetfulness to enjoy happier, healthier, more independent lives. 


Terrapin Pharmacy communicates with providers to coordinate care and ensure timely response to refill requests, renewal requests, and medication changes for patients with Medherent devices in their homes, which not only frees up physician time, but also helps reduce hospital admissions.

Community-Based Agencies

Community-based agencies are often responsible for assisting the most vulnerable members of the population, a group of people more likely to suffer from complex physical and mental health issues. The Medherent system effectively cuts down on staff time dedicated to medication monitoring.


Terrapin streamlines the pre-authorization and denial appeal process. Additionally, the Medherent system captures real-time adherence data, allowing caregivers to intervene immediately, which reduces the burden on the healthcare system and in turn, the cost of care for patients with complex medication regimens.

The Medherent system helps each of these entities achieve the Triple Aim—better care for individuals and an enhanced patient experience, improved health of populations, and lower per capita costs without doing harm to patients.