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A Logistics-Focused Pharmacy

Terrapin is an innovative specialty pharmacy that goes beyond just simply filling prescriptions.

We leverage a logistics-focused approach that involves insurance and provider-side communication, care coordination, patient assistance, and proactive inventory management to eliminate many of the barriers that contribute to medication noncompliance.  

Multi-Dose Packaging

In 2007, we integrated robotic strip packaging technology into our pharmacy dispensing system. This innovation enables us to prepare a continuous roll of sealed packets, each of which contains a patient’s entire regimen of prescribed oral medications for a specific dose time, sorted chronologically by day and time.

Our multi-dose packaging technology greatly simplifies the medication management process for patients and caregivers. Caregivers spend less time managing medications and dealing with errors while patients receive the medications they need. 

  • Eliminates confusions for individuals who take multiple medications
  • Clearly describes on each packet the name of the medications contatined within, their color, shape, strength and the number of tablets
  • Pre-sorts medications based upon the patient’s particular daily dosing schedule
  • Assures that the patient receives the right medication at the right time in the proper dose every time.